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GamerGate IS a hate and terror campaign. Our statement.

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The ongoing 'GamerGate' campaign (a term coined by Firefly actor, Adam Baldwin) is a hate campaign aimed at driving women out of gaming. The claim that its aim is to encourage ethics in game journalism is a lie - the whole cause was launched off the back of (proven) false accusations against Zoe Quinn, A DEVELOPER and in response to feminist concerns over sexism and misogyny in gaming.

Genuine gamers don't support the aims of GamerGate. It is war already lost by the instigators due to their underhand activities, terrorism, trolling and both threatening and misogynist behaviour.

There have been many deconstructions of the GamerGate straw man - we'll link to those here as they clearly demonstrate that the campaign is not driven by a wish to improve ethics in game journalism, but instead to attack those who would like our hobby to be welcoming to all regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or any other socio-politcal group. A gaming industry that DOESN'T encourage inclusion of all people is not one we wish to be part of.

Please take the time to read the following articles which help to clarify the methods, aims and activities of those that support GamerGate and how they their cause is a toxic reflection on a subset of the gaming community.

GamerGate is an attack on ethical journalism

A list of deconstructions of things GamerGate supporters think they have achieved so far

A letter from the editor of gaming site Polygon

#Gamergate Trolls Aren't Ethics Crusaders; They're a Hate Group

Why GamerGate Already Lost

We need to support people like Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu and everyone else targeted with death threats and worse. Women in gaming need to be able to enjoy what they love without having to be anonymous, scared or attacked.

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