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Videogames Score in Classic FM Hall of Fame 2014

The latest poll of the nation’s favourite classical pieces has seen video games triumph, with eight entries into the Classic FM Hall of Fame 2014. With 100, 000 votes overall, music from video games sees newcomers Austin Wintory, Yoko Shimomura and Russell Brower amongst favourites from last year’s poll Grant Kirkhope, Jeremy Soule and Nobuo Uematsu. Two entries – those for the Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy series – even broke the top twenty, albeit in lower positions to last year.

Interestingly, Classic FM’s listener base has also seen a change with a huge increase in a new, younger audience. Listeners aged between 15 and 24 have increased by 27% in a single year – a figure arguably attributable to the inclusion of video game and film scores.

Classic FM’s John Suchet said: “With video game music making its mark like never before, it's clear that we’ve attracted a great many younger listeners as Classic FM continues to grow. I'm thrilled to welcome them to the nation's classical station."


The Lark Ascending, recently featured in a landmark Coronation St. episode, took first position, although it’s frankly brilliant to see such a range of game soundtracks represented. The final tally stands at:

No. 289: Journey composed by Austin Wintory (Nascence), new entry.

No. 177: Kingdom Hearts composed by Yoko Shimomura/Hikaru Utada (HIKARI), new entry.

No. 75: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning composed by Grant Kirkhope (Reckoning Main Theme), new entry.

No. 54: Viva Pinata composed by Grant Kirkhope (Oven-Fresh Day), up 120 places.

No. 52: World of Warcraft composed by Russell Brower (Invincible), new entry.

No. 50: Banjo-Kazooie composed by Grant Kirkhope (Showdown Town Square), new entry.

No. 17: The Elder Scrolls series composed by Jeremy Soule (Dragonborn), down twelve places.

No. 7: Final Fantasy series composed by Nobuo Uematsu (Aerith’s Theme), down four places.

Online campaigns such as the Get Video Games Music into the Classic FM Hall of Fame social media blitz, as well as individual prompts from games companies and composers themselves, evidently worked!

Which tracks do you feel deserved representation? Agree with the choices? Comment below!

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