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Interdimensional Games demonstrate how to maintain good customer relations

Platforms: PC

The complexity of modern games, coupled with the variety of hardware used to run those games, mean that issues with a newly released title are an unfortunate fact of life with PC games. It is a rare game that does not need any post release patches and the new role-playing game, CONSORTIUM, from indie developers Interdimensional Games is no exception. Where the developers differ from some, however, is in holding their hands up, acknowledging their mistakes and detailing a plan of action to resolve them.

CONSORTIUM is developed using Valve’s Source Engine but uses a custom graphic rendering engine developed by Interdimensional Games themselves. This renderer has caused performance issues and crashes on certain system configurations. The game itself is designed to be extremely flexible so the user can play it in a variety of ways, with their actions and responses to each conversation altering how the story unfolds. Unfortunately some player actions are sending them down game breaking paths the developers didn’t foresee.

Rather than leave their players wondering when they'll see an inevitable patch, Interdimensional Games have posted up this explanation and apology to those who have already bought the game. They have even linked to it from their Steam store page as a warning to those considering buying the game so that they know what they may be getting themselves into.
Their statement acknowledges that they were overconfident in the games stability and states their intent to deliver a patch on the 31st January to fix the launch issues. User comments below their statement suggest that their open and honest handling of the situation has been largely well received by their customers and that it may have done much to alleviate the frustration that would typically occur with a bugged game release. Perhaps other publishers could learn something from this?

We will be bringing you a full review of this ambitious first release from Interdimensional Games as soon as we can, although because of their openness, we are willing to wait for the patch if we encounter any major issues so we can assess the full game.

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