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Valve poised to announce the Steam Box...

Valve have made a new page live on their Steam website - teasing us with their forthcoming announcement of their own hardware based on a Linux OS and the Steam Big Picture functionality. We've known this is coming for a long time and now we have (at the very least) a year of release!

However, for Valve to stand any chance of dominating the living room, they'll need something more than just another TV-connected box and while the platform is going to obviously launch with a decent catalogue the key is in exclusives. This could in fact be the company's trump card - see there's one massive franchise that is LONG overdue a new installment and it's one owned by Valve themselves - Half Life 3.

If we were betting people, the Steam Box would gain a HUGE boost with something as massive as a new Half Life game being a timed exclusive - there's no doubt it'd eventually be released on standard Windows-based PCs, but Valve would be silly to consider launching a new platform without some kind exclusive title to back them up.

Would Half Life 3 be enough for you to consider jumping over to the Steam Box instead of the consoles that will be hitting in November? Don't forget Steam also brings with it a lot of the promises (sharing, massive digital library and loads more) that Microsoft hinted at with the Xbox One; only to later drop them after public criticism.

Last updated: 06/08/2018 21:24:21

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