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Total War: Rome II PR machine goes into overdrive

Some big revelations from SEGA and Creative Assembly this week.

First, a shiny shiny limited supply Collector's Edition is available for preorder including a numbered and debossed steel case, Roman-era style games (such as a tabula set and tesserae - things were simpler back then) and a canvas map. And a Total War themed card game. Oh, and a WORKING ONAGER. Fittingly, the details are showcased on YouTube not with a tedious show-and-tell armchair preview, but a hilarious attack dog/run for your life scenario involving (presumably) the two staff members who drew the shortest straws.

If you don’t fancy the £109.99 price tag but might be tempted into a Steam preorder, you’ll receive a laurel wreath which can be used in Team Fortress 2 to unlock Invasion of the Rome-Bots, a Rome themed version of the Mann Vs Machine scenario.

There’s also a little more detail about the game itself gleaned from this multiplayer exhibition match, such as the line of sight mechanic which will hide troops where objects are in the way. So similar to hiding in the forests, but applicable to hills and buildings too. Could open up some interesting tactical choices for city and town sieges:

Total War: Rome II is out 3rd September 2013 and TDF will have a review by then, so keep your eyes peeled!

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