Turn it up. Mike Bithell releases details about his new game: Volume

Platforms: YouTube

Thomas was Alone creator has finally released concrete details on his new game, and it seems like a huge change in direction. Gone are personified blocks and awkward platforming mechanics, instead a stealth game with strange ricocheting sound mechanics. We can imagine that [REDACTED] probably has a story behind his stealthing stealing, and that Mike will infuse the charm of TWA into the game, but we shall have to wait and see whether such a change in dynamic and style will continue his indie success story.

The trailer unveils some very interesting and welcome ideas such as user generated content and stylish aesthetics, with gameplay that could be compared to the recent brilliant indie manic stealther Monaco, Gunpoint, or even more substantial studio games such as Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid.

We will have to wait a short time until Eurogamer Expo to get our hands on it, but you can check out Mike streaming the game tonight at 9PM. Visit http://www.mikebithellgames.com/volume/ or follow @mikebithell on twitter for more information.

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