Fleet Carriers coming to Elite Dangerous in December

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Having previously been announced at a Lavecon event in 2017, Fleet Carriers were supposed to arrive in Elite Dangerous during 2018. The were quietly dropped with no details on the plans being made available. However, in an announcement this weekend Frontier have revealed via a teaser that Fleet Carriers will be arriving in the December update this year.

The teaser shows a colossal Fleet Carrier seemingly emerging from a Hyperspace cloud and going on to reveal multiple landing pads on the top of the ship. We know little else about these carriers but expect updates to come thick and fast following the September update's launch.

Talking of which we also have a rundown of what will be coming in the September update..

New Player Experience

This will be an introduction to new players giving them a better rounding on the game's mechanics from flying to combat. It is a step beyond the current tutorial system and will see players having full access to the game experience in a sandboxed area of the galaxy.

Arx Currency

A new ingame currency will be both purchasable with real-world money and earnable in game. It'll be used to buy cosmetic items for your ships - new paint jobs, decals etc that previously would have been only available with your real cash.

The new currency system will also see bundle items being made available individually and will tie into a new livery system that has been developed for the game.

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