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Sim City launch hits pothole

Platforms: PC


Following the March 5 US launch of Maxis' new Sim City game, angry gamers have vented their frustration at EA and its digital delivery platform, Origin, following servers that buckled under sheer number of users making the game unplayable for many.

The new title is the sixth in the series (on PC) which let you build and manage a city from the ground up. Social networks have been rife with user complaints and despite positive reviews in the main, score aggregation site Metacritic is showing a user review average of 2.8 based on 600+ ratings. The brunt of the complaints being levelled at the controversial DRM (Digital Rights Management) system, which requires an active internet connection to the Origin service to play, even in the single-player mode,

Despite this, EA is confident problems will be ironed out ahead of the UK launch later this week: "We’re making changes to prevent further issues, and are confident that Origin will be stable for international launches later this week," the Twitter account states.

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