Fortnite Season 9 is here: Patch notes, Battle Pass, trailers, and new skins revealed

Fortnite Season 9 is here: Patch notes, Battle Pass, trailers, and new skins revealed

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Season 9 of Fortnite is finally upon us: Tilted Towers was destroyed and is back with makeover, the best skins so far have been revealed (you know it to be true), the Drum Gun is back, and we've got a new way to get around. Get your V-bucks at the ready!

Check out the new Battle Pass overview below, which provides a good look at the new changes to the map, the new progressive skins, and Fortbytes, the new for Season 9 mystery unlockables.

For all of the major and minor updates, check out the hefty patch notes right here. They cover everything from the new Slipstream transport system, to new locations, new weapons and weapon adjustments, Fortbytes, and LTM's.

These Slipstreams look very fun to use.

Presenting, from the fiery ashes of the old Tilted Towers (RIP/good riddance), Neo Tilted! I am a massive fan of this neo aesthetic, look at those floodlights beaming upwards, that's going to look awesome when dropping in.

Finally, be sure to check out the Season 9 cinematic announcement trailer, it's silly, fun, and does a great job of building the hype for the new season. The trailer also showcases the lovely new skins you'll be earning with the Battle Pass too. If skins are your jam, check out our article looking at every new skin in the Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass.

That's all the Fortnite Season 9 news we've got for now, be sure to check back for future patch notes, LTM news, and crazy map changes.

I miss my Captain America shield already...


Fortnite is an online game for PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Switch and mobile devices. It features a free to play Battle Royale mode which sees you take on up to 100 opponents in a time limited battle to the death.

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