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BioShock Infinite: new preview pictures

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 3 | Microsoft Xbox 360 | PC

BioShock Infinite is released on 26 March in the UK for PS3, XBOX 360 and PC – and would you Adam and Eve it, Irrational Games have released four new preview pictures.

Highly anticipated is hardly the word - since February 2010 when BioShock 2 came out fans have been eager for the next installation. Excited? You should be. The first two titles were shooters with heart - great stories, fantastic settings and full on combat; another helping is most welcome.

So, the pics: first off, there's a candle-lit sanctuary with some mysterious robed people in the vicinity. I suspect they are up to no good.


Then there's a shot of you swooping down on a man in pantaloons and a bull helmet – I think somehow that more than a clenched fist will be required to deal with the clown-trousered man. Then again, it depends how fast you're moving...That thing in your left hand, by the way, is a hook system for riding the rails that curl through the sky of Infinite's world like a demented roller coaster (see last pic).


Thirdly there's the lovely Elizabeth (Who is she? Friend? Enemy in disguise? Sidekick?) looking like she's about to clobber you with a book entitled 'The Principles of Quantu...'. We can only guess at what her hand is covering, but I suspect it is sciencey. Mmmmm...sciencey.


Finally there's a pic of you plugging a goon with a rusty machine gun. This last image is full of flavour: a neon hotel sign to the side and some odd-looking art above the boardwalk (are they two giant rugby players on the roof of the bookstore?)


That's it for now - let's hope there's more before the release.

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