Disc-less Xbox One S reportedly releasing in May

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According to a report on Windows Central, Microsoft will be releasing a disc-less version of the Xbox One S in May.

The console, which has been rumoured since November last year under the code name of Xbox Maverick, is set be named the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. May 7th is the rumoured worldwide release date, with pre-orders due to commence in mid-April. It would likely be the cheapest Xbox One available for purchase, with a thinner form factor due to the lack of a disk-drive.

A Fortnite themed Xbox One is also rumoured in the report, whether it will be the first themed disc-less Xbox One S though, is unclear.

A disc-less Xbox One S would allow consumers to ditch the discs and rely solely on Microsoft's digital storefront, as well as the company's Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Microsoft has recently been making moves towards a future where gaming is more focused on digital and streaming services than traditional physical media; streaming service Project xCloud and Xbox Game Pass is evidence of this. Combined with the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, and the next-gen Xbox Anaconda and Xbox Lockhart heavily tipped to be revealed at this year's E3, Microsoft appears to be going all-in on digital and streaming services as the future of Xbox.

The near-future in gaming looks like it will be full of streaming services and and consoles, with Google also ready to announce their plans for their video game division on March 19th. Even Nintendo has got in on the Netflix-style hype-train, albeit in a less impactful way with their collection of NES titles available with the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service.

How will the video game industry react to a more digital, streaming-focused landscape? Only time will tell, but you can be sure that The Digital Fix will be here to keep you updated on all news related to the death of boxed copies of video games.

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