Diablo 3: Eternal Collection Review

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Diablo on some kind of portable device is the dream, surely it is something that people would sell their soul to the Devil for. The good news is that not only does it make a lot of sense, it has already happened, so don’t sell yourself out just yet. Diablo 3 has come to the Switch, and I have seen it, and it is good.

Diablo 3 is an action role-playing game, one very heavily influenced by classic table-top games where you choose a class, then journey around getting stronger in order to save the world. The world of Sanctuary has recently had a star fall from the sky and is now besieged by the undead. The story then unfolds through various acts with increasingly demonic enemies and boss fights marking the key points in each one. In Diablo, as in pretty much all games, the fate of the world is in your hands.

The game looks good in handheld mode, it also runs very well despite the chaos that can occur onscreen. This is still a five-year-old game though, so don’t expect to have your eyes melted by high-end visuals, just expect it to look pretty cool when you summon an army of skeleton mages to do your bidding.

To get through the game you simply wander around massacring everything that stands in your way while trying to complete the objectives. The enemies are without end, but you get stronger and stronger with each one that falls. Perhaps the best thing about Diablo 3 is the skills you gain as you level up. You gain new abilities almost constantly which gives you that wonderful endorphin rush every time.

Your abilities can be augmented, you might make your magic bolts split in two, or change a long-range attack into a shorter-range high-damage blast. The customisation available is the real star of the show. Being able to completely change how your character feels is what really makes the game special. It makes every battle rewarding as you find the ways to really break the systems and overpower the hordes.

This isn’t just Diablo 3 though, oh no, this is an updated, full of expansions, Eternal Collection Diablo 3. That means you’ve got all the content that has ever been released in one handy handheld package. This means you have seven classes available to you, each of them with different specialities and abilities. While the controls for each are the same, the strategies are different, ideally these classes get to complement each other, but it is still a great single-player experience.

With this being the Switch release, you even get some Nintendo exclusives too. You get a Cucco as a pet, the mightiest of pets. You also get the ability to make your armour look like the tyrannical Ganondorf as well as a Triforce themed portrait frame. These don’t change the gameplay at all but are a nice touch for Switch owners.

Diablo 3 has always been a good game, it has also gotten a lot better with all of the expansions that have been added since its release. This is the complete package, and one that is now portable for the first time. There are still some issues when playing split-screen with someone else, the menus just don’t work brilliantly when there is more than one player. This is the only real issue with the game, and it doesn’t taint the rest of the experience. If you feel like jumping back into Sanctuary then this is a great way of doing it. If you’ve never played before then having it on the go is hard to top.


Diablo 3: Eternal Collection is everything from the last five years squeezed into a portable package. It plays brilliantly whether docked or not, and has more content than you could ever see. This is a game that is a must-play and to have access to it anywhere is almost unbelievable.



out of 10

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