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Steam Greenlight launches (then quickly adds $100 enrollment fee!)

Valve last week lauched Greenlight - a way for indie developers to build support for their games appearing on the Steam platform; and therefore in front of millions of potential customers. All good right? Unfortunately this lead to massive use of the service and lots of 'not very good' games flooding out those that DID deserve recognition.

To tackle this, Valve have added a $100 enrollment fee that works on a per-developer basis. This has attracted widespread criticism and may not have been the best solution to the problem; by definition indie developers aren't likely to be cash rich so adding this financial hurdle hasn't gone down at all well.

Valve entering the gaming hardware business?

A job listing has kicked off the 'Steam Box' rumour mill once again. According to the job spec, the company are frustrated by the lack of innovation in the PC gaming space, so are looking to jump in and shake things up a little. Our money is on a high-spec gaming PC, initially running Windows, with maybe the odd new peripheral design...

Ubisoft drop their always online DRM!

Ubisoft have dropped their draconian DRM that required legitimate owners of their games to be online at all times when playing; even if the game was being played in single-player mode! According to reports, the DRM was quietly abandoned back in June and all new Ubisoft games will now just require an internet connection for one-time activation.
This is great news - some decent games were rendered unplayable due to this DRM earlier this year thanks to a server migration, so by dropping this restriction, Ubisoft have ensured that we're not unfairly locked out of the games we own!

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