A new Wii game in 2018? Let's Sing 2019 lands on Nintendo's Wii and Switch alongside PS4

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4 | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo Wii | Nintendo Wii-U

This one is a bit of a surprise - Let's Sing 2019 is out today on Switch and PS4, but also on Wii (and by extension Wii-U). We really weren't expecting to cover news of a new Wii game.

The game is also compatible with all previously released song packs and brings with it two new pack addtions:

  • Best of 90's
  • Best of 80's Vol. 2

The PS4 and Switch releases feature microphone support via your smartphone alongside the following features
  • Up to date track list with (40/35/30) national and international Songs
  • Complete in-game redesign and optimized performance including polished animations and improved speech recognition
  • Rewarding gameplay elements like collecting avatars, climbing up the online leaderboards (NEW on Switch) and unlocking music certification records from bronze up to diamond
  • NEW “World Contest-Mode” = global-asynchronous-versus-multiplayer-mode
  • Challenging and diverse game modes – including the new mode “Create your own Mix Tape”
  • Online store with two brand new DLCs + existing DLCs still available
  • Handheld Mode supported on Switch (NEW)

Wii and Wii-U owners get the following:
  • Complete New tracklist
  • State-of-the-art voice recognition technology
  • Five challenging game modes for solo sessions for up to four simultaneous players
  • Local leaderboards to compare high scores with friends

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