Faeria: Fall Of Everlife Review

Reviewed on PC

To stand out in a market filled to the brim with competition, a collectable card game has to really do something new or it'll be lost forever. Faeria and its expansion Fall of Everlife is certainly shaking things up on a few fronts. It is rare that cost is worth noting in a review, but in this case the pricing structure is so far removed from the norm that it needs mentioning. Faeria isn't pay-to-play, or free-to-play; instead you simply have to buy the game like you would any other.

The only thing you can spend money on is cosmetics. To anyone that has played a CCG before this is a refreshing change of style, to unlock the cards you simply have to play through the campaigns and earn chests as you go. The good news is that earning chests is really quite easy, if you play the game you'll get a fairly steady stream of them just for completing daily quests, or for plowing through the various single player battles and puzzles.

The campaigns do a good job of introducing you to the new cards you'll get on the way, as well as the mechanics you'll need to master in order to succeed. Along with the basics that come with any card game, things like attacking, mana, and deck building, you get features that are unique to the world of Faeria. While mana is present here, instead of it being given to you one a turn as in Hearthstone or played from your hand like Eternal you get mana each turn. You can even increase the amount you get each turn by stationing a unit next to a mana well.

Faeria: Fall Of Everlife

You can literally shape the battlefield

Some cards just aren't that easy to play though, oh no, some require something more before they can be used. Each turn you can do one of three different things as well as playing your cards; make land to play your cards on, draw an extra card, or gain an extra mana. The land is where Faeria truly shines, each match takes place on a grid made up entirely of water. In order to actually place your units anywhere you need to play different types of land to give them somewhere to stand. You can either play two basic lands, which won't go towards the elemental units, but will let you branch out further, or you can choose to play a special land, say a desert, and you can only place one, but it will allow you to place special units there to balance things out.

It is a truly intriguing mechanic that when combined with the card playing itself, almost turns the game into a turn-based strategy game. Placement of your lands and then your units is essential to any victory. When you add in the ability to move lands, change the type of them, and a plethora of spells to impact the board itself, you have a deep and incredibly flexible game system that will allow you to build new strategies and find your own perfect deck. It really is a lot of fun.

Faeria: Fall Of Everlife

Daily quests are easy to complete and help you build your collection

The sheer volume of content available just for a single player is almost overwhelming, when you add in the PVP as well, you have a fantastic range of things to do within this unique world. If you are willing to take the time to perfect your own strategies and play around with deck composition then you will have a relentlessly good time in Faeria. Fall of Everlife simply adds more complexity to the game and some adorable new cards and tribes. If you like strategy games or card games, then this is one that does a wonderful job of melding the two together into a really enjoyable experience.


Faeria has always been an intriguing game, with the Fall of Everlife expansion and the move away from free-to-play it has truly become something worth taking note of. The unique mechanics at play here really help it stand apart from the competition. With the addition of brand new cards including an army of yaks, now is the perfect time to jump in.


out of 10

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