What We Know About 8K TVs

The future is nearly here…

With the reveal that the Sony Playstation 5 will support 8K in some way, we thought it’d be a good time to share what little we know about plans for 8K TVs and projectors for your lounge – in fact, you can join the 8K revolution right now, but expect to pay handsomely for it!

What is 8K?

8K, much like 4K before it refers to the horizontal resolution of a TV image – that is, how many pixels make up the width of the screen. Traditionally, 1080p – or Full HD – the format that your Blu-ray player and many TVs support is 2K – there are 2160 pixels across the bottom of the screen.

4K ups this to 3840 pixels horizontally and 2160 vertically. Roughly the same as sticking 4 2K displays together in a grid.

8K then increases this yet again to 7,680×4,320 – that is the same number of pixels as sticking together four 4K TVs and then squashing them into a more usable form factor.

More pixels means more detail – the closer you are and the bigger the image is mean the more detail you’d want. We imagine large screen TVs increase in size to start to show the benefit of the increased picture detail that 8K will bring.

8K has actually been around for quite a while – the first 8K TV was shown off by Sharp back in 2013. Obviously it takes time for technology shown at tech trade shows to filter down to the home but it seems that it might be about to happen at a larger scale.

How Do I Get In On The 8K Game?

If you want to be an early adopter, you can be – but it’ll cost you. The Samsung QE75Q950R is available to buy right now but as you can see below you’ll be paying just shy of £7000 for the privilege.

8K projectors haven’t yet filtered down to the home cinema market. There are 8K options but they’re strictly professional pieces of kit and come with professional price tags.

Despite this 8K TVs are set to become more common in the next twelve months with 8K options from LG, Sony and TCL already being announced. Expect other manufacturers to jump on board soon.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

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