Warner take a greater interest in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – is a movie project on the cards? Doesn’t look like it… Yet.

Notice something different about the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child branding above? It seems the Broadway show has had something of a rebrand to bring the logo back in line with the book and movie typography.

You can see the difference clearly when compared to the previous artwork below.

The logo has changed and the ‘Parts One and Two’ subscript have been removed. What does this mean? Our initial thoughts were that the movie project we reported on a few years ago might be back on but having spoken to the source that originally shared this with us they told us that the film is still on the backburner in the short term at least.

Clarifying the earlier story we posted our source has told us that the film project is something Warner are still interested in but it was decided that in order to match up as closely with the story of the show it was too soon to return to the post-Deathly Hallows Wizarding World and that the focus was more comprehensively switched to the Fantastic Beasts prequels instead. Our source did say that we should expect more movement with the film concept on or around the tenth anniversary of the final Harry Potter film’s release date.

Our source also suggested that another reason for the delay was that the studio were more keen to attract the original cast than go for a brand new cast as was previously being considered – and Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in particular aren’t keen to jump back into their respective characters just yet.

Further hammering a nail into that temporary coffin was a post from the official ‘Pottermore’ Twitter account yesterday which coincidentally included a quote tweet of Rowling’s denial that there was a trilogy coming.

This was then followed by a teaser from the author hinting that there was more to be announced:

Warner have taken a bigger stake in the Cursed Child production in recent months with a number of Warner employees being directly involved in the production. The show is also set to appear in a number of other cities – San Francisco, Toronto and Hamburg so there’s plenty going on that isn’t movie related.

We’ll be watching the story develop closely and will bring you more news as soon as we have it.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 06, 2019

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Warner take a greater interest in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – is a movie project on the cards? Doesn’t look like it… Yet. | The Digital Fix