Watch: Star Wars: Origins is what happens when you mix Star Wars with Raiders of the Lost Ark

There are few fan films that feature the production values of Phil Hawkins' utterly stunning Star Wars: Origins. Filmed entirely on location in the Sahara the 20 minute film acts as both an origins story and a coda to the existing Star Wars saga (a sequence of cave paintings would place this after the timeline of the existing movies).

It's a love letter to everything George Lucas created in both Star Wars and the Indiana Jones series of films - set during the Second World War, it features the appearance - as with all good Indy films - of the Nazis as two archaeologists uncover a very extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Featuring two engaging leads in Marie Everett and Jamie Costa, Star Wars: Origins is beautifully shot and features remarkably impressive special effects. While it might not be entirely true to canon it's also a great story and is unmistakably Star Wars despite being set on Earth during a very human war.

Check out the full short film above and also take a look at some of Phil's other brilliant work on his website.

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