See the new red band trailer for I, Tonya

The latest trailer for the Tonya Harding biopic, I, Tonya, heads into red band territory giving a real flavour of what the film has in store.

The film peels back the layers of Tonya Harding’s (Margot Robbie) sensationalised involvement in the 1994 attack on rival figure skater Nancy Kerrigan (Caitlin Carver), exposing the absurd, tragic and hilarious story-behind-the-story of one of the most infamous scandals in the history of Olympic Games figure skating. The incident became known as The Whack Heard Round The World and did nothing to prevent Kerrigan going on to claim silver at the Olympics, while Harding could only finish eighth, before being banned for life once the investigation was complete.

Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl, Fright Night) is the director, while Allison Janney, Sebastian Stan, Bobby Cannavale, Paul Walter Hauser and Ricky Russert also all feature.

I, Tonya arrives in the UK on February 23rd 2018.

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