Just a few hours left to back Dead Air (and only one copy of the ULTRA LIMITED Daisy Ridley starring Scrawl left!)

There are just TEN hours (at the time of writing) left to back the fantastic looking 'gremlins' vs all-female punk band indie film. Described as "a fun horror comedy that mixes Gremlins & Critters together with Twilight Zone’s A Nightmare at 20,000 feet & Josie and the Pussycats", Dead Air sounds like a dream combo to us.

There are loads of great perks including DVDs, Blu-rays and even official props (who wouldn't want to own their very own 'Dave'?), but the pick of the bunch is there are just TEN copies of the film Scrawl available on DVD - this is the film that starred Daisy Ridley before she hit the big time with Star Wars and was the film mentioned alongside her when news of her casting broke. There's no other way to own a copy of this film and right now there is just ONE, yes, ONE left to pick up. It's sure to be a sought after collectors item so you'd be crazy not to secure it before its too late.

Dead Air looks like it's going to be amazing fun, and it's being put together by one of the nicest groups of people you'll ever meet so it deserves your help to realise the best version of the film possible.

If you have a few pennies you can chuck their way then head on over to IndieGoGo now.


The exciting (and TDF backed!) Dead Air has kicked off their second round of crowdfunding with a teaser put together from footage captured through the first part of the campaign. Check it out above...

The film, which sees an all-woman rock band going head to head with furry critters on an airplane, looks like it's going to be great fun and this is your chance to get in on the action.

Dead Air is directed by Geoff Harmer and written by Peter Hearn. It stars Stacy Hart, Kate Davies-Speak, Charlie Bond, Johanna Stanton, Dan Palmer, James Hamer-Morton and David Schaal. Music is being provided by Erica Nockalls.

Clockwise from top left: Stacy Hart, Charlie Bond, Kate Davies-Speak, Johanna Stanton

From left: David Schaal, Dan Palmer, James Hamer-Morton

On top of all that there is also an unnamed Hollywood genre legend attached to the film - we're expecting an unveiling of said legend once funding targets are met... Who could it be?

To get in on the action, you can back Dead Air on Indiegogo NOW! Get on over there and make sure this film gets the money it needs!

Want more convincing, check out Geoff Harmer's Selfie...

Or, the trailer for Peter Hearn's Scrawl, which features a pre-Star Wars Daisy Ridley!

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