Bourne Again! Jason Bourne is back in Jason Bourne…

How many times can we say Bourne in one article?

Jason Bourne returns to The Bourne Identity series with Jason Bourne. Quietly skipping over the Bourne-less Bourne Legacy, Matt Damon reunites with director Paul Greengrass and is joined on screen by Alicia Vikander, Julia Styles and Vincent Cassell.

Meanwhile Jeremy Renner is likely sulking nearby watching his possible franchise being cruelly ripped away from him again.

JASON BOURNE sees original actor and director, Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass, return to the iconic series they created along with Alicia Vikander, Julia Stiles, Vincent Cassel and Tommy Lee Jones.

Director Paul Greengrass comments on bringing Bourne back to the big screen in JASON BOURNE:

“Jason Bourne isn’t a super hero; he doesn’t wear a cape or a mask. He’s not one of those kinds of guys. He is just an ordinary man. I think when people watch Jason Bourne they can imagine how they might react in those situations and those circumstances, and when you see him thinking his way through and coming up with a plan and executing his plan, that’s incredibly exciting.” – Paul Greengrass

“It has taken us a long time to come back because we didn’t have the right story before. The world needed to change and then there comes that moment when it makes sense. You know when it feels right and that’s when you do it, not before.” – Paul Greengrass

JASON BOURNE will be released in UK cinemas July 27th.


Updated: Apr 22, 2016

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