Behold the trailer for The Prince of Nothingwood

Screening at the London Film Festival from tomorrow until Sunday is director Sonia Kronlund's documentary, The Prince of Nothingwood.

Salim Shaheen is the ‘Prince Of Nothingwood’, the most popular and prolific actor-director-producer in Afghanistan. Over the past thirty years he has been tirelessly making, starring in and distributing films despite the country’s ongoing war.

With Shaheen about to embark on his 111th no-budget feature - a film about his own escapades - Sonia Kronlund joined him, and his regular troupe of actors, on a filmmaking adventure to the traditional heartland of Afghanistan.

The result is a behind-the-scenes account of Shaheen’s life and work, the art of filmmaking in a war zone and a thoroughly entertaining portrait of this larger-than-life, ebullient character who spends his life making his childhood dreams come true.

The Prince of Nothingwood gets a full release in the UK on 15th December.

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