The Digital Fix Films of 2012

Our reviewers pick the best releases from last year…

So now that 2012 is done and dusted, and the movie awards season begins in earnest, exactly which films were the year’s finest? Well, look no further: here is the definitive Top 10 Films of 2012, compiled from our panel of expert reviewers before the gluttony of Christmas began to take its toll. All that remains is to wish you a very Happy New Year. Now on with the list!

10) The Raid
(Dir. Gareth Evans)

Why so great? “…a finely-tuned thriller that has a number of tense set-pieces… makes the famous corridor fight scene from Oldboy look like a game of pat-a-cake.”

9) Shame
(Dir. Steve McQueen)

Why so great? “…one of the year’s most rewarding films… brilliant writing, beautiful direction and two of the finest performances of the year.”

8) The Muppets
(Dir. James Bobin)

Why so great? “…simply a delight… a film that is impossible to watch without a massive grin.”

7) Amour (Dir. Michael Haneke)

Why so great? We weren’t able to review Amour, but there’s no denying the extraordinary emotional power it wields, led by two superb central performances from Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva. It’s a heartbreaking and deeply affecting piece.

6) The Dark Knight Rises
(Dir. Christopher Nolan)

Why so great? “Epic in every sense of the word… Stunning.”

5) Argo
(Dir. Ben Affleck)

Why so great? “Suspenseful, technically accomplished and skilfully judged… a slick and hugely entertaining package.”

JOINT 3) Moonrise Kingdom (Dir. Wes Anderson)

Why so great?Anderson’s latest slice of whimsy, the disarming and delightfully romantic Moonrise Kingdom, sadly went unreviewed; suffice it to say it’s possibly his best work to date.

JOINT 3) Marvel Avengers Assemble
(Dir. Joss Whedon)

Why so great?“…alongside stunning action sequences and an extraordinary climactic battle, the film puts in a strong claim to be the best superhero flick ever.”

2) Holy Motors
(Dir. Léos Carax)

Why so great?“…an audacious and bewildering experience that reminds you how fun and versatile cinema can be… essential viewing for the discerning cinema-goer.”

And the film that came top of our reviewers’ poll was….

1) Skyfall
(Dir. Sam Mendes)

Why so great?“Captures the flinty spirit of Ian Fleming’s later novels quite beautifully… Skyfall is Bond par excellence, a worthy follow-up to Casino Royale and proof that, even at 50, nobody does it better.”

Gavin Midgley

Updated: Jan 02, 2013

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