The Dark Knight Rises gets first full trailer

Final part of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy gets a fittingly enthralling trailer.

The Dark Knight Rises, out in July, is the concluding chapter of the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy that started with Batman Begins. The trailer gives us a glimpse of Christian Bale’s Batman taking on Bane, played by Tom Hardy. We also get to meet Selina Kyle and her alter-ego Catwoman (played by Anne Hathaway).

The Dark Knight Rises has been filmed on IMAX cameras and will be released in IMAX and standard projection cinemas on 20 July 2012. It’s one of our most anticipated films ever since The Dark Knight received a perfect 10/10 on The Digital Fix in 2008.

Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think!

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Dec 19, 2011

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The Dark Knight Rises gets first full trailer | The Digital Fix