TDF FilmCast Horrorthon 10 – Terror in the New Millennium

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And so we face the final curtain… Yes the time has come for the grand finale of our Halloween Horrorthon! We hope you’ve enjoyed this epic journey tracing the history of horror from the silent era right up to the present day, but all good things must end, and what better way to draw a line under proceedings than by examining the horror genre as it currently stands in this new millennium. From the conventional scares of Hollywood popcorners to the extreme violence of the French Horror New Wave and from Found Footage films to Carnography (or Torture Porn as most people call it) hits, we aim to leave no stone unturned!

The FilmCast team would like to say a big Thank You to anyone who has tuned in to any episode of this series, and if you listened to every episode then you have our utmost gratitude! If you enjoyed the horrorthon and have any thoughts on future topics you’d like us to cover, then please take advantage of the comments section below. All suggestion will be seriously considered.

Horrorthon Episode contributors: John White (host), Mike Sutton, Rob Bayley, and Matt Shingleton

Here’s a selection of trailers for just a handful of the titles we discuss:


The Mist


Kill List

The Woman in Black



American Mary

As always we hope you’ll get in touch with us in the comments section if you feel like chiming in on the subject at hand!

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Updated: Oct 30, 2013

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