The Digital Fix FilmCast - No. 1 - Unusual Actors

Prepare to hear the mighty Digital Fix film team speak! The inaugural podcast features Matthew Shingleton and myself, John White, all kept in order by the sprightly Elliot Foster. Discussing three of our favourite unusual actors, Elliot plums for Danish Bond Villain and the latest Hannibal Lector, Mads Mikkelsen, Matt chooses General Zod and all-round psychopath de jour, Michael Shannon, whilst I plop for Ed Harley, Bishop in Aliens and the man who was supposed to have been the Terminator, Lance Henriksen.

In the podcast, you'll hear why, but we thought you'd like some more evidence of these three men's greatness so we thought we'd point you to some of their films celebrated on this august piece of the web.

First up is Mads Mikkelsen, below you'll find links for his work from his early films with Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) to last year's The Hunt:

click here

More recently, Mads has been performing in NBC's Hannibal on the small screen, here's the clip we used in the podcast:

Moving on to Michael Shannon, you can catch the youtube clip from Take Shelter below:

We've covered Michael's performances in these fine films:

click here

For Lance, here's the clip of the knife trick in Aliens:

And his considerable body of work:

Click here

Next time, we'll be looking at our favourite animated movies in anticipation of the release of Monsters University. If you have any comments or suggestions for future podcasts do let us know...

The theme music for this Digital Fix Filmcast is:
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