TDF Film Podcast 53 – Awful Films from Great Directors

TDF Film Podcast 53 – Awful Films from Great Directors

Here at The Digital Fix we subscribe fully to the idea that nobody’s perfect, and even our most esteemed filmmaking heroes are prone to a bit of a wobble at some point in their careers. If they’re lucky it’s just a fleeting stumble on a road well travelled, but sadly all-too-many filmmakers have also proven over time that they just can’t work that magic like they used to.

For our fifty-third episode of The Digital Fix Film Podcast each member of our team will be discussing a film that they believe to be either a temporary stumble or an example of the magic just not being what it used to be for four undeniably great filmmakers. Now, we have to put up the disclaimer that some of these choices might prove a little controversial and hold the capacity for some mild internet triggering. If at all you do find yourself foaming at the mouth over the films and filmmakers slandered in this episode then just keep telling yourself: “It’s only a podcast. It’s only a podcast!”

Here are the films we are discussing:

John: Terry Gilliam’s The Man who Killed Don Quixote
Andy: Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker
Jack: David Lynch’s Dune
Matt: John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars

Episode 53 contributors: John White (host), Andy Winter, Jack Godwin, and Matt Shingleton

As always we hope you'll get in touch with us in the comments section if you feel like chiming in on the subject at hand!

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