TDF Film Podcast 44 - Pissed to Perfection

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Alcohol and acting go together like Ebony & Ivory... So goes the little known Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr cover of the famous McCartney/Wonder hit, which in its own special aphoristic way is pointing out that a tipple to steady the nerves before and possibly after (then further after) a performance has been a tradition in the theatre for centuries now. In fact when someone says they’ve tread the boards they usually forget to point out that those boards are soaked in Gin, which of course goes for Hollywood too, where the silent stars and converted thespians of yesteryear soon established a whisky drenched, hell raising tradition of their own. So really it’s about time the TDF Film Podcast celebrated some of the greatest drunken hellraisers that Tinseltown has ever had to offer!

Rather than dwell too much on the undoubtedly negative toll the drink took on some of Hollywood’s greatest, we’re calling this podcast Pissed to Perfection and we’re going to chat about some of the most iconic drinkers of the 60s and 70s, chiefly from Richard Burton to Peter O'Toole, Richard Harris and Oliver Reed. After that we’ll take a look at two very distinct but exceptionally entertaining “drunk” performances: One from a legendary drinker who is clearly applying the method approach to any scene involving alcohol, the other a famous teetotaller playing one of the most iconic drunk roles in British film. So step forward Patrick Wymark as the perma-tipsy Judge in Blood on Satan’s Claw and Richard E. Grant as the titular Withnail in Withnail & I!

Episode 44 contributors: John White (host), Matt Shingleton and Mike Sutton

Trailers and links to more in-depth reviews below:

Blood on Satan’s Claw

Withnail & I

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