TDF Film Podcast 43 - Worst Oscars

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Come the yearly “awards season” there’s nothing cineastes like more than to tell anyone who’ll listen that Awards ceremonies like The Academy Awards, Golden Globes, BAFTAs, etc, etc are nothing but big narcissistic back-slapping events designed to make overblown stars with over-inflated egos feel good about themselves for about 24hrs before everyone else goes on with the rest of their lives. Well that’s true, but awards like The Oscars ARE a serious force in the film industry when you consider the attention that little gold statuette can bring to actors and filmmakers who aren’t yet fully established on that Hollywood A-list, or to films that haven’t been able to gross megabucks during their initial theatrical run.

So we here at the TDF Film Podcast are prepared to take The Oscars seriously, and what better way to take an awards ceremony seriously than by turning our noses up it and slagging off the choice of winners! In our Worst Oscars episode each member of the podcasting team will choose what they consider the worst winners ever in the main categories of Best Picture, Best Director and Best Acting. With crowd pleasers like Rocky, Rain Man, Million Dollar Baby and The Artists coming under fire, we hope you’ll be as equally annoyed by our choices as you are by the Academy Awards themselves, because let’s face it: Where’s the fun in agreeing about the bleedin’ Oscars?

Episode 43 contributors: John White (host), Matt Shingleton and Mike Sutton

Trailers and links to more in-depth reviews below:


Out of Africa

Rain Man

Million Dollar Baby

The Blind Side

The Artist

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