TDF Film Podcast 37 - Ghosts

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Yes it’s that time of the year again; you know the one where we do a light spot of Trick or Treating in the early evening then afterwards maybe strip naked and howl at the moon, drink each other’s blood, spend the night in a haunted mansions or perhaps even commune with the spirits of the dead! And funnily enough we’re going to celebrate some of these activities in our film podcast with three horror specials for Halloween! The theme is a Monster Mash of sorts with each episode looking at a specific iconic monster: Ghosts, Vampires & Werewolves in where we’ll attempt to explore a bit of the cinematic history of each monster around the world and examine two specially chosen classics of each sub-genre!

First up is the spooky world of Ghosts, perhaps the most omni-present of movie monsters these days with a rich and varied cinematic heritage across the globe. The films we’ll be looking at represent two very different Haunted Mansion tales - the first being Robert Wise’s seminal horror film The Haunting, which laid out a blueprint for ghostly goings on that is followed by just about everyone to this day. The second film we’ll be looking at is Nobuhiko Obayashi’s House, a popular classic over in Japan that’s quite possibly the most insane film ever made!

Episode 37 contributors: John White (host), Matt Shingleton, and Kev Gilvear

Trailers and links to more in-depth reviews below:

The Haunting


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