TDF Film Podcast 27 - Ultraviolence

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In the 27th episode of the TDF Film Podcast the team have cleaved open the fetid carcass of the grimier titles in their film collection to come up with three titles that go above and beyond in their commitment to shock and appal. The House by the Cemetery is a film that needs no introduction to any self-respecting gorehound being one of the better known of the mighty Lucio Fulci’s magnificent horror oeuvre, so it’s only fitting that John kickstarts proceedings with a thorough examination of why Cemetery manages to discuss and delight in equal measure to this day.

After that we attempt to come over all austere and intellectual by examining the violent content of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, because Mike was chomping at the bit to highlight the hypocrisy of mainstream audiences when it comes to their acceptance of hardcore unpleasantness if it’s wrapped up in a historic, religious or “artistic” context. Don’t worry folks, we won’t take the subject matter too seriously no matter how much power Mike wields over us as editor of this site!

Finally we end with Franck Khalfoun’s recent remake of Bill Lustig’s grimy 1980s psycho-slasher: Maniac. This 2012 re-imagining literally finds an alternative view on the material by using a first-person camera to tell its story directly from the killer’s perspective. Big Joe Spinell is also replaced by everyone’s favourite hairy-footed shortarse Elijah Wood, so we’ll let Rob explain how that somewhat left-field bit of casting works out!

Episode 27 contributors: John White (host), Mike Sutton, Rob Bayley, and Matt Shingleton

Trailers for the titles in the spotlight:

The House by the Cemetery

The Passion of the Christ


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