TDF Film Podcast 20 - The Crazy 80s

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The 1980s, when Wham & Duran Duran ruled the radiowaves, Neighbours and Grange Hill the airwaves, and we were all playing with our Rubik’s Cubes, He-Man & Transformers figurines, Calculator Watches, and the mighty ZX Spectrum!! It was also the decade in which a seemingly endless parade of dayglo fantasy films flooded cinemas in the wake of the Star Wars trilogy, and we want to celebrate this here at The Digital Fix in a post-festive podcast that looks at some of the campier faves of our contributors John, Matt and Rob!!

In the first TDF Film Podcast of 2014 we are singling out three classics for analysis and reverential rememberance: Mike Hodges’s candy floss sci-fi Flash Gordon, Peter Yate’s hugely expensive swashbuckling fantasy Krull, and John Carpenter’s lovingly tongue-in-cheek tribute to HK fantasy-fu: Big Trouble in Little China.

Episode 20 contributors: John White (host), Rob Bayley, and Matt Shingleton

And here come the trailers:

Flash Gordon


Big Trouble in Little China

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