John and Matt's TDF Podcast - 2016 Top10 Review

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Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, and welcome to the podcast formerly known as The TDF Film Podcast! Yes, eagled eyed regulars will have noticed that earlier in the year the TDF Film podcast of old went through a significant change of personnel when old regulars John White and Matt Shingleton decided to hang up their microphones and let a new generation of younger, more enthusiastic, and let’s face it much more photogenic team take over.

Well, the old fogies are back! 2016 was such a good year (so far as cinema was concerned) that it has inspired the old guard to dust off their microphones and record a one-off special so we could waffle on about our ten favourite films of the year. Along the way we might be looking down our noses at the majority of blockbusters that have come out of Hollywood this year, but hey: you can’t make a film-podcasting omelette without slagging off a few mega-hits along the way!

John's List:

01. The Handmaiden
02. Room
03. Goodnight Mommy
04. Last train to Busan
05. Elle
06. Hail, Caesar!
07. The Neon Demon
08. Hell or High Water
09. The Witch
10. Baskin
Matt's List:

01: Hell or High Water
02: Hunt for the Wilderpeople
03: The Handmaiden
04: The Wailing
05: Train to Busan
06: Room
07: The Witch
08: Arrival
09: Captain Fantastic
10: Spotlight

Episode 50 contributors: John White (host) and Matt Shingleton

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