Digital Fix FilmCast Vol 5: Over-rated movies

Embittered by unjust kudos and enraged by unwarranted praise? Well, we are. This podcast deals with films that just get our goats and that the rest of the world believes are great. First up is the film that boils Matt Shingleton's blood and reduces two of the greatest nations on the planet to ugly stereotypes:

Then we move on to the film that was voted number 91 in the top 100 films of all time Director's poll by the BFI. A film that insists that foreigners talk funny and like to shoot us rather than be shot:

We conclude with a film that on these very pages has been claimed "to capture the very moment of falling in love". John White, complete with huge chip on his shoulder and his leftie views, tells you that Brief Encounter is the nadir of British film:

Do feel free to tell us where we've gone right or wrong and suggest your own over-rated movies below. All this hate has taken a toll on us, so next time we open up the Digital Fix hall of fame for a Guillermo Del Toro special

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