Digital Fix FilmCast Vol 4: Westerns

Surrounded by bandidos, down to our last bullet and bleeding slowly to our richly deserved deaths, the crew are back to discuss some of our favourite westerns. Elliot Foster tells us about Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven, how it sums up and debunks the whole genre:

And here is the trailer for Japanese remake mentioned by Matt:

Matt Shingleton tells you about John Ford's The Searchers, the western that started to make revisionism acceptable with its story of racism in the formation of modern America:

Mike Sutton can tell you on these very pages what is so great about Ford's classic here and he can explain the same for our next film on discussion, The Wild Bunch

Finally, we discuss some other aces in the genre and particular Spaghetti Westerns of note, where I nominate Sergio Sollima's excellent Faccia a Faccia which Mike reviewed here. A tale of savagery and civility that changes places and gives rise to fascism.

Next time we look at over-rated films so prepare for grumpiness and plenty of offense to your sensibilities. Do tell us about westerns we missed in the space below.

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