You Cannot Kill David Arquette trailer: The actor seeks redemption back inside the wrestling ring

If you weren't already aware, David Arquette was crowned WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 2000, following his appearance in the wrestling film Ready to Rumble. It was all a marketing stunt, but that didn't appease fans and rivals who hated his guts for being able to take a short cut to the top. You Cannot Kill David Arquette sees him return to the sport in his late-40s with no wrestling experience in an attempt to clear his name. The likes of Patricia, Rosanna and Richmond Arquette all appear, as does his ex-wife Courtney Cox and the legendary Ric Flair. It's been out in the States already and gets a UK release next week. Watch the trailer for You Cannot Kill David Arquette above.

With his star on the rise after a string of celebrated 90s hits, including horror smash Scream, actor David Arquette entered the WCW wrestling ring in 2000 to promote a movie... and left it as 'the most hated man in wrestling', after controversially winning the World Heavyweight Championship belt. Now, despite age, medical issues and not knowing how to wrestle, the actor is dangerously determined to redeem his reputation and reclaim his self-respect in the eyes of his wrestling heroes and the fans who consider him a joke. A riotous documentary that takes the actor from his Hollywood home to the streets of Mexico, from chat show TV appearances to blood-stained backyard wrestling rings, You Cannot Kill David Arquette is an emotional rollercoaster that is in turn hilarious, horrific and heart-warming.

You Cannot Kill David Arquette will be available on digital download from November 23.

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