X-Men Evolution: Xposing the Truth in May

Warner Home Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of X-Men Evolution: Xposing the Truth for 31st May 2004 with a retail price of £12.99. The fourth and final DVD instalment in this thrilling superhero collection includes three animated episodes, five unbreakable mutant heroes, an array of extraordinarily dangerous super powers and countless baddies intent on destroying world peace.


EPISODE 1 - SHADOWED PAST: When Rogue's chilling nightmares offer a glimpse into Nightcrawler's mutant past, Nightcrawler risks it all - even his friendships with the X-Men - to search for the truth.

EPISODE 2 - GRIM REMINDER: A suppressed memory haunts Wolverine, leading him to the twisted man who transformed him into a mutant and to a battle of wills that could cost Wolverine his life.

EPISODE 3 - THE CAULDRON PARTS 1 & 2: The battle begins when Magneto pits mutants against mutants in a plot to determine the most powerful mutant abilities. Housed on Asteroid M, Magneto intends to help the victors realise their full potential, then unite them to take over the world and only the X-Men can stop him! But when Cyclops' long-lost brother emerges on Magneto's side, Cyclops must make a fateful choice between the only link to his past life or his future friendships with the X-men.

Features include:

  • Full Screen
  • 2.0 Dolby Surround - Pro Logic
  • Introductions to the episodes
  • The X-Men Unmasked featurette

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