X-Men Evolution Animated Series in February

Warner Home Video has announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of X-Men: Evolution - UnXpected Changes Series 1 Volume 1 for 16th February 2004 with a retail price of £12.99. The first in a collection of four X-Men releases scheduled for 2004, UnXpected Changes contains 3 episodes from the animated TV series...

EPISODE 1 - STRATEGY X: Cyclops has an "Accident" with his optical beams while trying to defend the Toad at a school football game while back at the institute, Professor X and Storm welcome newcomer Kurt Wagner, also known as the Nightcrawler.

EPISODE 2 - THE X IMPULSE: Professor X and Jean take the Blackbird to Chicago to meet Kitty Pryde, a young girl with phasing abilities. They arrive just in time to save Kitty from a new mutant menace - Avalanche.

EPISODE 3 - ROUGE RECRUIT: Cerebro tracks down Rogue after she accidentally steals the memories of a boy at school. Mystique transforms into Wolverine and tried to scare Rogue out of joining the X-Men.

Presented in Full Frame with English Dolby Pro-Logic Surround audio you will also find the following bonus features present:

  • Episode Introductions with producer and editor
  • Xmen history featurette
Expect X-Men Evolutions: Xpolsove Days Season 1 Volume 2 to arrive on 22nd March 2004 with a full announcement closer to the time.

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