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X-Cross in January

4Digital Asia have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of X-Cross on 19th January 2009 priced at £14.99 RRP. The fourth feature from director Kenta Fukasaku (Yo-Yo Girl Cop; Under The Same Moon; Battle Royale 2: Revenge) is the horror-comedy X-Cross (pronounced ‘criss-cross').

Synopsis: Having recently split up with her first boyfriend and in need of some sympathy, Shiyori (Nao Matsushita) is invited for a girls-only getaway by her best friend, Aiko (Ami Suzuki), who is keen to enjoy some relaxation time away from her quartet of current boyfriends. Together, the two friends head off to stay at the remote Ashikari Camp Grounds, a former logging village now reinvented as a hot springs spa resort. While bathing in the springs on their first night in the village the girls have an argument, prompting Shiyori to head back to their cabin alone. There, she discovers a mobile phone ringing and, on answering it, hears a mysterious voice warning her, ‘Get the hell out. They'll cut off your leg.'

It's not long before Shiyori discovers that the village is home to a cult of scythe and axe wielding locals with a penchant for the ritualistic severing of women's legs and she's next in line to join the list of unfortunate amputees. Meanwhile, Aiko has just stumbled across an equally pestiferous problem of her own. A crazy, one-eyed Harajuku girl armed with several giant pairs of scissors is stalking her and appears to be intent on cutting short not only Aiko's brief break with her friend but also her life.

Extras on the disc include a making-of and cast and crew interviews.

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