World of Tomorrow Episode 3 trailer: Don Hertzfeldt teases a third instalment of his surreal time travel series

It's been few years since acclaimed animator Don Hertzfeldt released his last short, World of Tomorrow Episode Two, and fans of the first two instalments will be eager to see that Word of Tomorrow Episode 3 (which comes with the sub-title The Absent Destinations of David Prime - which probably refers to one of the clones made in the last episode) has in store.

As always, Hertzfeldt was cryptic about release dates and content, simply tweeting yesterday "it's almost time".

The third episode in this series looks like it will retain the same level of surreal imagery and thought-provoking ideas Hertzfeldt is renowned for. Judging by the short snippet released so far, it fits in which everything he has done up until now, so if you enjoyed the likes of It's Such a Beautiful Day and Rejected, this is one to keep an eye out for over the coming weeks.

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