WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The Simpsons Music Themes

Thanks to Retronana, our man on the inside, we now have exclusive information on the next Simpsons DVD release. We don't have a date or price, but we can confirm that it will be The Simpsons Music Themes. It will feature four episodes from the series along with an extra montage of clips called "Otto's Finest Moments". The episodes in question are:

The Tale of Two Springfield's (featuring The Who)
New Kids On the Blecch (featuring Nsync)
Homerpaloozer (featuring The Smashing Pumpkins)
The Otto Show (featuring Spinal Tap)

Of course technically we can expect a 4:3 transfer and Dolby Pro-Logic sound. To top this, we will soon have our hands on a copy of this disc so a review will appear on the site soon and we have a selection of screen grabs for your perusal now:

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