Withnail and I: First Look

A copy of Anchor Bay's Withnail and I popped through the letterbox this morning and I had time for a quick flick through the disc before leaving for work. I can now confirm that the disc does indeed lack an anamorphic transfer as with the Criterion disc. It certainly doesn't push the format with a grainy soft dark picture - but it's still on par with the Criterion release and is the best the film has ever looked on the small screen.

We get both Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 soundtracks along with a selection of extras including a commentary with Paul McGann and Ralph Brown (a UK exclusive by all accounts), the 'Withnail and Us' documentary, the trailer and a photo gallery. We also get a nice little booklet and poster.

I'll be taking a much closer look at this disc over the weekend, so look out for our full review then.

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