Wim Wenders signs DVD deal

Anchor Bay have signed a deal with the German director which should ensure that most of his vast backcatalogue -some of which was seldom available on VHS- will be made available over the next two to three years.

All the transfers will be overseen by the man himself and he should be recording a commentary for each release. Of course, details are relatively sketchy for what extras will be included with each film but his official website tells us that unreleased footage and deleted scenes can be expected. There will also be a director's cut for Until the End of the World- this will probably be the 5 hour version (in case you're wondering, it isn't a joke). These releases will most likely be Region 1.

Meanwhile, Paris, Texas and The Wings of Desire (aka as The sky over Berlin) are to be released in France by Gaumont in December. These will include a WW approved transfer as well as a commentary by him in French (he's trilingual). Again we'll have to wait to be certain of the situation with the subtitles but as Paris, Texas was entirely filmed in English there shouldn't be a problem with that DVD.
Interstingly, Wenders has also filmed a short sequel to Paris, Texas which takes place 25 years later which was supposed to be included on the DVD release but this has yet to be confirmed.

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