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Wim Wenders 10 DVD Boxset from Anchor Bay

On 26th March Anchor Bay proudly releases on DVD a special edition, 10 disc box-set of Wim Wenders films. With the exception of three of the titles, Wings Of Desire, Paris, Texas and The American Friend, none of the titles have ever been released on DVD in the UK before. To accompany the 10 films will be a specially produced booklet which will undoubtedly make the box-set one of the “must have” collectors’ items of 2007.

Alongside some of Wenders’ best known films are some rarer but nonetheless important works such as the highly moving docu-drama Lightning Over Water. The diversity of films contained in the box-set only serves to highlight the impact and influence that Wenders has had on modern-day cinema around the world from his award winning partnership with cinematographer Robby Muller to his trademark use of eclectic musical soundtracks collaborating with artists such as U2/Bono, Ry Cooder, Nick Cave and Lou Reed.

The Wim Wenders 10 Disc Box-Set contains:

THE AMERICAN FRIEND (Drama) - Starring: Dennis Hopper, Bruno Ganz. Running Time: 126 Minutes approximately.

Adapted from Patricia Highsmith’s novel and featuring her infamous character, Thomas Ripley, this is the story of Jonathan Zimmerman, a man dying of an incurable disease who, in order to ensure his family’s financial security, agrees to become a hit-man for the mob.

Extras include: Audio commentary with Wim Wenders and Dennis Hopper, Deleted Scenes with Commentary by Wim Wenders, Theatrical Trailer, Biographies.

Running Time: 86 Minutes approximately.

Director Nicholas Ray is diagnosed with cancer and is determined to complete his final film before his untimely demise. Wim Wenders follows his quest and in this moving film charts the death of a rare talent. The film features an outstanding soundtrack which adds to the impact.

Running Time: 78 Minutes approximately.

Wenders meets renowned Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto to talk about their ideas on the creative process and to ponder on the relationship between cities, identity and the cinema in the digital age.

PARIS, TEXAS (Drama) - Starring: Harry Dean Stanton, Nastassja Kinski
Running Time: 139 Minutes approximately.

A man suffering from amnesia stumbles from the desert not knowing who he is. With the help of his brother he gets his memory back but as he does so has to face his demons in order to be reconciled with the family he’d abandoned four years before.

Extras include: Wim Wenders and Nastassja Kinski in Cannes – Featurette, Commentary by Wim Wenders, Deleted Scenes, UK Trailer, Biographies, Filmographies, Photo Gallery.

ROOM 666 (Documentary)
Running Time: 44 Minutes approximately.

During the Cannes Film Festival of 1982 Wenders persuades a number of film directors to lock themselves in a hotel room, switch on the camera and ponder on the question “What is the future of cinema?”.

THE SCARLET LETTER (Drama) - Starring: Senta Berger, Hans Christian Blech
Running Time: 86 Minutes approximately.

In 17th Century Salem, Hester is forced to wear a Scarlet letter A because she is an adulteress who has had a child out of wedlock. Having disappeared many years earlier, Hester’s much older husband returns unrecognised by anybody in the town and determines to trap the man he believes had an affair with his wife.

TOKYO-GA (Documentary)
Running Time: 89 Minutes approximately.

Having been moved by the work of acclaimed director Yasujiro Ozu, Wenders travels to Japan to search out the Tokyo he has seen in his films, discovering along the way how the country is losing its identity and culture to Americanisation.

A TRICK OF THE LIGHT (Docu-drama) - Starring: Udo Kier, Otto Kuhnle
Running Time: 66 Minutes approximately.

Weaving together docu-drama, fictional re-enactment and experimental photography, the film is a powerful and beautifully crafted exploration into the early days of German cinema and tells the story of the Skladanowsky Brothers who invented the Bioskop, the forerunner of the film projector.

WINGS OF DESIRE (Drama) - Starring: Bruno Ganz, Peter Falk
Running Time: 122 Minutes approximately.

Mixing images of post-War and modern-day Berlin, two angels roam the earth, invisible to humans but still able to offer solace to all who need it. Dissatisfied with his never-ending existence, one of the angels yearns to enjoy all the emotions and experiences of mortals and eventually finds the fulfillment he has been seeking.

Extras Include: Commentary by Wim Wenders, Deleted Scenes, Curt Bois Trailer, Theatrical Trailer, Biographies, Photo Gallery.

THE WRONG MOVE (Drama) - Starring: Rudiger Vogler, Nastassja Kinski
Running Time: 100 Minutes approximately.

Loosely based on a work by Goethe, this film follows six days in the life of Wilhelm, an inconsequential and alienated young man who wants to write and leaves home to pursue his goal . This road movie sees him meeting a series of other ‘outsiders’ with whom he shares his ideology and sometimes his bed on a journey of self-discovery.

The Wim Wenders 10 disc box-set is released on 26th March 2007, RRP £49.99.

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