Willard and more from EIV in September

Entertainment In Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Willard and The Reckoning for 27th September 2004, priced at £19.99 each.

Based on the book Raman's Notebooks by Stephen Gilbert and the 1971 horror movie it spawned, writer/director and devoted Hitchcock fan Glen Morgan's new version of Willard is a chilling and darkly entertaining gothic movie.

For more read our full review of this release.

The Reckoning, an unforgettable murder mystery about the power of art, the temptations of evil and the search for justice is set against the backdrop of 14th century England, a land plagued by The Black Death and the tyranny of grasping nobility.

DVD features include: Featurettes and Soundbites.

Also arriving on 27th September 2004 are two double-pack sets retailing at £19.99 each. These are: Rush Hour 1 & 2 and Blade 1 & 2 with features identical to previous individual releases.

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