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Where is our Star Wars Review?

We've made a concious decision NOT to publish a Star Wars: The Force Awakens until tomorrow evening. While the embargo lifts in less than 30 minutes on reviews, we respect that many many fans want to watch the film unspoiled. While many reviews will avoid spoilers there are going to be many that don't - especially in the mainstream media - and we want to give you somewhere to visit where you can be sure to avoid any revelations on the film.

There IS a discussion thread in our forums that will likely mention reviews and any spoilers within so if you want to avoid any then make sure you don't go in there!

There are many people out there looking to SPOIL the film for others. As a result, as of now we'll be moderating ALL comments on the main site until tomorrow evening so spoilers can't slip in. We're planning lots of Star Wars coverage from tomorrow night including our main review and additional reviews from other team members as we watch the film - but we want dedicated fans to have a chance to see the film on release before they see any of our opinions.

See you on the other side!

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