When Brendan Met Trudy

Momentum have announced the rental DVD release of Irish comedy, When Brendan Met Trudy on 22 October. According to the press release the film looks something like this:

Brendan is a teacher and a self-confessed loner. Singing baritone for the local church choir and watchin old movies are his only passions in life, or so he thought...

Trudy is a feisty blonde beauty who hates films that don't come in colour. She also has a secret night-time occupation...

One night, lost in reverie over a pint of Guiness, Brendan meets Trudy, and she soon captures his heart and drags him (whimpering quietly) into her madcap world. The result is a hillarious clash of personalities and a moving romantic liason.
The rental DVD dealer price will be £30. No extras are expected.

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