What the actual f... Marketing for The Reliant involves a competition to win an ASSAULT RIFLE

The Reliant, the self-proclaimed pro Second Amendment (yes the 'right to keep and bear arms' one) crowd funded film has a novel, and downright STUPID promo right now.

To market the movie, the distributor is running a competition to win an assault rifle. Let that sink in for a moment... yes, a real, powerful gun that can be used to kill people. The 'faith based action film' stars Kevin Sorbo, Eric Roberts and Brian Bosworth and is directed by Paul Munger.

We're genuinely aghast at the idea that a competition centred around a film would have a prize for a gun - with murder rates in America at sky high levels and mass shootings seemingly an every day occurrence, doing something like this is pretty damning regardless of your political persuasion.

There's little chance of the film being any good - the trailer is woeful - and this is clearly an attempt at generating interest through outrage but we genuinely hope this isn't something that becomes more common.

Source: JoBlo

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