Wharfedale: Clearing up some issues

Since our news story earlier this week on the new Wharfedale DVD750s DVD player, I have been flooded with mails and I've seen literally hundreds of posts appearing in loads of forums and newsgroups!

I'm going to attempt to clear up some of the confusion, so here goes!

First up, how do you tell the difference between the 750 and the 750s? Well it's simple really - the packaging itself will tell you all you need to know, if it contains a 750 then it will say 750 and if it contains a 750s it will say 750s! There has been a lot of confusion because the newest 750 batch actually has a similar front panel to the 750s including a DTS logo and indicator light. It does appear that these 'new' 750 players actually play problem discs such as Jaws without any issues.

Secondly, Tesco now appear to be offering an upgrade service to owners of the original Wharfedale DVD750. This involves a simple upgrade of the players firmware and fixes the menu problems with discs such as Jaws, 10 Things I Hate About You and Leon. If you wish to have your player upgraded, contact your local Tesco store or telephone the Tesco Electrical Fault Helpline on 0845 6012549 to enquire about obtaining the upgrade. It should be noted that this upgrade will not turn a 750 into a 750s.

A lot of people are asking whether they should take back their current players to replace them with a new DVD750s. This really shouldn't be an issue - the DVD750s is a new model, much like the step up from a Sony DVP-S725 to the S735. You wouldn't expect a 735 as a free replacement for a 725 would you? The 750s is in very short supply at the moment and it is unlikely that you'd even be able to find one on the shelves of your local Tesco and therefore a replacement wouldn't be a viable option at the moment anyway! With the new firmware upgrade there is no real reason to upgrade to a 750s if you own a 750, the differences are only very slight and as such there isn't really a huge benefit in upgrading. If you want to try then I can't stop you, but it is my view that this really is a storm in a teacup and it has been blown up out of proportion.

The original DVD750 is a damn fine DVD player. It will play all Region 2 releases and you can access all of the features of any disc you buy - that includes problem discs such as Jaws (see below). My advice is to hold on to what you've got - while the 750s does look promising and it should theoretically be a excellent player, we haven't seen one yet and there really aren't any huge improvements to be gained from replacing the 'tried and tested' DVD750. In fact, I have it on good authority that if Wharfedale had a choice they wouldn't have even released a new machine but certain forces were too far out of their control and a new model was a necessity.

Playing Jaws...

Using the 'Goto' button on the remote control here's how to access the various features on the Region 2 Jaws DVD...

01- The Movie
23- Photo Gallery
24- The Making of Jaws
25- Movie Trailer
26- TV trailer
27- Re-release trailer
28- Deleted Scenes
29- Out-takes

Colin Polonowski

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