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We wait thirty years then TWO Ghostbusters films turn up at once

Paul Feig's Kirsten Wiig/Melissa McCarthy Ghostbusters reboot is still on but news has come out in the last day that Sony have teamed up Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd to set up a subsidiary in Ghostcorp with the express intention of mining the franchise for all that its worth.

Don't get us wrong - we're one of the few supporters of the idea of Feig's all-female 'busters - but the Reitman/Aykroyd/Sony news smacks of an attempt to exploit universe as much as possible. The current rumour mill suggests that Magic Mike star Channing Tatum is in line to produce and lead the cast of the second remake; this one an all-male answer to Feig's take.

Its early days, but we're slowly being turned off the idea of revisiting Ghostbusters at all. Even if Bill Murray returns as the film's answer to the Marshmallow Man...

Source: Deadline

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